About ZA

Experience. Expertise. Accountability.

Unlike many traditional accounting firms, ZA is unique in that we have a group of individuals who have worked in the government industry and not-for-profit organizations.  They not only know the accounting and auditing aspects of governmental and not-for-profit entities, they also know how governments and not-for-profit organizations work. In addition, these individuals have been involved on the ground floor of such issues as performance measures and performance auditing within the public sector.  This type of capability permits ZA to provide value added services to our clients by allowing us to show them how to measure and manage the use of diminishing resources to ensure that desired services and outcomes are achieved.

We are not just auditors - we are trained and experienced business consultants and advisors.  While conducting engagements, we identify opportunities to improve operations from several standpoints including control structure, design and function as well as performance based measures.  These opportunites are delivered in a well-structured management communication, which can be used as a roadmap for prioritization of corrective action.  

Our engagement teams have substantial knowledge of systems and processes involved in governmental and not-for-profit operations and functions, and we apply our existing knowledge base to gain an understanding of a government and not-for-profit operations with minimal disruption to the client's staff.