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Governments and Not for Profit Entities

We maintain close relationships with various state agencies and take great pride in our proficiency with examining, interpreting, and implementing grant agreements and related contracts. Together, these facets of our business result in a thorough understanding of oversight and granting agency requirements, and an expert ability to ensure compliance at the grantee level. In short, ZA's expertise in grant accounting extends from the source of funds at the highest levels to the final expenditure for an allowable cost. Costs are the driving force behind all grants. Federal and Pennsylvania requirements dictate the need for either a formal indirect cost plan or an approved indirect cost rate in order to evenly distribute expenditure amounts charged to overhead and administration. We at ZA offer a wealth of experience in generating indirect cost plans or assisting clients in establishing the proper indirect cost rates. We leave no stone unturned in researching any and all costs that can be considered shared costs, and have saved our clients thousands of dollars in costs that would otherwise be expensed as normal course of business - we offer you the ability to maximize the recovery of indirect costs.

ZA consultants can explore your particular needs, problems, and concerns. We devise strategies to help you realize your goals. We analyze your information systems and procedures to ensure their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We help you identify and resolve potential management or operational problems early on, before they become unmanageable. We isolate existing problem areas and offer practical solutions.

Since no two organizations are alike, we work closely with you, discussing your current and future organization requirements and plans. An independent study results from those discussions, offering an objective analysis of your particular situation and strategies for accomplishing your objectives.