We are leaders in providing accounting and auditing services to non-profit and governmental entities of all types - which is why so many non-profit and governmental entities, large and small, including several prominent institutions, engage our services.

Our audit services for these entities include:

Financial Statement Audits

Single Audits

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Forensic Audits and other Agreed Upon Procedure Services

Program Audits

Peer Review

To ensure complete satisfaction, every audit service provided is serviced by a team of professionals selected to fit the needs of the client.  This allows every level of our organization to be exposed to various audits each year, enabling us to confidently declare ourselves experts in our field. All members of our organization have received at least 40 hours of training each year, including at least 24 hours of "Yellow Book" training to comply with Government Auditing Standards. The quality of our audits is reflected in our most recent peer review report, which received the highest rating of "pass".

Our management team regularly attends PICPA and AICPA conferences to make certain we are abreast of all the latest developments in our industry. By doing so we ensure that each audit performed is done so under the very latest guidance and standards issued by all of our governing bodies. We are also leaders in training and implementation of new FASB and GASB pronouncements, making sure our audits incorporate those developments as well.